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Self Portrait Photo: The photographer at Gosnell Big Woods Preserve in Webster, New York

Hi, im colleen!

Freelance Portrait Photographer | Rochester, NY

You’re my muse and I’Ll tell you why!

What gets me excited? Taking pictures of you! Creative freedom has been a passion of mine since childhood. I believe creativity is what drives life, in every way. We don’t just create art, we are art! I want to show you how you can be a masterpiece. I love to photograph people because it’s not just a picture of a person, portrait photography can portray love, kindness, compassion, happiness, and so much more. There is no limit to the kind of story a photograph can tell and I’m here to help capture your’s! Not only do I love to capture your inner and outer beauty, I also love to draw, paint, design, decorate, and DIY just about anything I can.

My journey began in corporate America. I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Studies, in just 3 years. I was going to be a lawyer! Or so I thought. However, creativity just kept calling me back for more. I find myself happiest when I’m behind my lens so, I decided why not spend my days doing what I love for a living? I didn’t want just a job, I craved a career. When I’m not taking pictures of you, I find myself spending time with my husband, Kyle, and friends or family. What can I say?! I just love people! I also love animals! I have the cutest orange tabby cat named Mango. He’s my cuddle buddy while we watch crime documentaries or spooky movies on Netflix.

When I am behind the camera, you can expect continuous communication. I will also be your personal hype woman! If you are shy when it comes to being photographed, fear not! I will guide you through your photo shoot by suggesting poses, placement, facial expressions, outfits, and anything you may need. Regardless of whether you are shy or a natural in front of the camera, you can expect me to help facilitate a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you smile for the camera! If you’re unsure of where you would like to be photographed, I have a list of suggestions and I am continuously adding new locations to my list. My goal is to not only provide you with beautiful images but, to provide an experience with palpable memories that will last a lifetime. Will you be my Mona Lisa?


Will & Riley

“Had a lot of fun during our session! We got to pick apples and have our first professional photoshoot during our first fall activity as a couple. It made the posing feel really natural because we were enjoying our time!”

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